About Simon Studios

Simon Studios

We are a full-service branding studio dedicated to creating clean, crisp, consistent work for your brand identity. In a world overflowing with content, our goal is to make yours stand out amongst them all... in a good way, of course. What sets us apart from other agencies is that we're made up of specialized studios—including film, graphic and interactive design, marketing, and music—from which your brand will receive customized treatment.

meet our team

Seth Eskelund Baby Picture - Seth Eskelund

Seth Eskelund

Director of Photography
Micah Kalagayan Baby Picture - Micah Kalagayan

Micah Kalagayan

Graphic Designer
Timothy Puder Baby Picture - Timothy Puder

Timothy Puder

Film Director
Carlos Vargas Baby Picture - Carlos Vargas

Carlos Vargas

Interactive Designer
Mark Kalagayan Baby Picture - Mark Kalagayan

Mark Kalagayan

Audio Engineer | Account Manager
Elaine Losinio Baby Picture - Elaine Losinio

Elaine Losinio

Marketing Manager | Account Manager
Ethel Delacruz Baby Picture - Ethel Delacruz

Ethel Delacruz

CEO | Executive Creative Director